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Series of 1928A One Dollar Bill - Blue Seal Silver Certificate - Values and Pricing

The series of 1928A $1 silver certificate is the most common silver certificate of the 1928 series.  These notes can be bought for around $10 in circulated grades and uncirculated 1928A one dollar silver certificates cost around $50.

More than 2.2 billion 1928A silver certificates were printed.  As you can imagine, there is plenty of supply to meet the demand.

Due to the fact that so many notes were printed, there are several different 1928A one dollar silver certificate blocks.  The rarest is the DA block, followed by the EA block – these notes certainly command premiums in uncirculated condition. 

Series of 1928A $1 bills were printed between January 1929 and February 1932.  This time period coincides with the dates of office shared by WO Woods and AW Mellon.

All 1928A one dollar silver certificate notes feature a portrait of George Washington at center and a blue seal on the left hand side of the note.  All 1928A $1 silver certificates are known as “funnybacks.”  They get this name from their distinctive back design.

Star notes were also printed for the series of 1928A one dollar silver certificates.  You can learn more about 1928A $1 star notes here.

We are aggressive buyers of 1928A one dollar silver certificates.  We are especially looking for uncirculated notes, consecutive runs and 1928A $1 star notes.