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Series of 1928 One Dollar Bill - Blue Seal Silver Certificate - Values and Pricing

Series of 1928 one dollar silver certificates are very common.  Your average circulated 1928 $1 silver certificate should cost around $12.  You can buy a choice uncirculated 1928 blue seal one as graded by a third party for less than $60.

1928 $1 silver certificates do come in several different blocks.  The most common block is the AA block, the IA, JA, KA, and LA blocks also exist, and these are scarcer.  However, they only tend to carry premiums in uncirculated grades.

In total, somewhere around 640 million 1928 $1 silver certificate blue seals were printed. 

The lowest serial number notes were presented to important officials in Washington DC.  These were given out in sheets of 12.  There are still some uncut sheets that exist.

All 1928 one dollar bills were printed in 1928 and for a few days in January 1929.  1928 notes are signed by AW Mellon and HT Tate.

All 1928 one dollar silver certificate notes feature a portrait of George Washington at center and a blue seal on the left hand side of the note.  All 1928 $1 silver certificates are known as “funnybacks.”  They get this name from their distinctive back design.

Star notes were also printed for the series of 1928 one dollar silver certificates.  You can learn more about 1928 $1 star notes here.

We are aggressive buyers of 1928 one dollar silver certificates.  We are especially looking for uncirculated notes, consecutive runs and 1928 $1 star notes.