1966 $100 Star Note Value

Series of 1966 Red Seal $100 Star Notes – Values and Pricing

1966 $100 star notes are very popular with collectors today. There were only 128,000 1966 $100 star notes printed. Despite such a small printing, there are 100s of these star notes currently floating around.

In years past, 1966 one hundred dollar star notes have been more valuable than they are today. Between 2005 and 2008 there was just a lot more demand for 1966 red seal stars. Remember that only 128,000 of these were printed, so it is not uncommon to have a low serial number. If the serial number on your 1966 $100 star note has 6 leading zeros then it should command a premium. Having five or less leading zeros will not command a premium in most cases.

1966 $100 star notes really aren’t that old. In fact they are probably the newest money that is considered collectible. If this issue didn’t have a red seal it would just be worth face value. Star notes have a red serial number that begins with a hollow red star. The serial number always ends with the letter A.

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