$1000 First Charter National Bank Note

Value of One Thousand Dollar First Charter National Bank Note


Year:  1875 or 1862-1882 Type:  National Bank Note Denomination:  One Thousand Dollar Bill
Value:  The value of one thousand dollar national bank notes is based condition, bank of issue, and serial numbers
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Description:  Only 37 banks in the country issued one thousand dollar national bank notes.  Today none have been reported to exist.  Twenty-one notes are listed as outstanding according to government records.  The reality is that they have likely all been redeemed, destroyed, or lost forever.  However, if one were to turn up, it would be an extremely big deal and worth more than a million dollars.

The $1000 bill shown below is actually just a proof image, it was never released for circulation.  The U.S. Capitol is pictured on the right hand side of the bill.  The scene on the left hand side of the bill shows General Winfield Scott entering Mexico City during The Mexican American War.  The back of each note shows Washington Resigning His Commission.

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Variations:  One thousand dollar national bank notes were issued by different banks, so each one will be a little bit different.