Oversized United States Currency – Values and Pricing

Oversized money was printed by The United States from 1862 until 1928.  Collectors refer to any money larger than today’s money as large size currency.  We have made a very easy to use guide on how to identify and value your oversized money.  (Remember that if your money says anything about a “national bank” then you need to use the national bank note guide here).  You can also access our entire listing of oversized United States money here.  There are lots of pictures so please allow time to load.

To move forward with our simple identification guide, simply choose the denomination of your bill.












General Commentary: A lot of oversized currency is actually not that rare.  There are plenty of small size notes that are much rarer and more valuable.  However, large size currency presents a lot of bang for the buck.  Oversized currency is so unique and different to the non-collector that it is often the first area of the hobby pursued.  For less than $200 you can assemble a low grade collection of many different years and designs.

Keep in mind that serial numbers are still important with oversized currency.  Low serial numbers and interesting serial numbers add premiums.  You can learn more about the important of serial numbers here.  Large size star notes were first printed in 1910.  These can be found on issues dating back as late as 1880.  Star notes are also worth more than regular issues.  We have a great guide to large size star notes here.

When dealing with oversized currency, condition is extremely important.  In some cases the condition of a note can be the difference between a value of $20 and $2,000.  We refer to condition as grade.  Currency is graded on a scale of 1 to 70.  70 is the highest grade and virtually unobtainable.  We have a full guide on how to grade oversized money here.

We are very interesting purchasing all oversized United States currency.  Please send us an email to admin@oldcurrencyvalues.com and tell us what you have.  We would be happy to provide a free appraisal and make an offer to purchase your note or collection.