Oversized Fifty Dollar Bills | Values and Pricing for Old Fifty Dollar Bills

Oversized Fifty Dollar Bills – A Guide With Values

Oversized fifty dollar bills can be especially rare. Large quantities of fifty dollar notes were not printed by The United States. It was also very expensive for someone to save a fifty dollar bill. Paper money did not really become collectible until the late 1940s. So a $50 bill issued in the 1860s wasn’t worth more than face value until 80 years later. You can understand why almost all of them were spent and destroyed.

The most common oversized fifty dollar bills are blue seal federal reserve notes from 1914. 1922 and 1913 $50 gold certificates are also relatively common. Many 1902 blue seal fifty dollar national bank notes can be bought for less than $1,000. However, there are plenty of exceptions to that rule. As with all collectible currency, the condition, serial number, and series will determine the value of antique fifty dollar bills.

The guide below shows a picture of every fifty dollar bill issued by The United States. We encourage you to explore the guide to learn more about the value and history of our paper money. Remember that if you have any questions all you have to do is ask. We buy $50 bills and give free appraisals: admin@oldcurrencyvalues.com​​

[IMAGE COMING SOON]  Interest Bearing Fifty Dollar Note
Interest Bearing Fifty Dollar Note
Interest Bearing Fifty Dollar Note
Interest Bearing Fifty Dollar Note
1864 Compound Interest Bearing Note
1862 Fifty Dollar Legal Tender Note
1869 Fifty Dollar Legal Tender Note
[IMAGE COMING SOON] Fifty Dollar National Gold Bank Note
1874 Fifty Dollar Legal Tender Note
1875 Fifty Dollar National Bank Note
(year 1862 – 1881)
[IMAGE COMING SOON] 1875 Fifty Dollar Legal Tender Note
[IMAGE COMING SOON] 1878 Fifty Dollar Legal Tender Note
1878 Fifty Dollar Silver Certificate
1880 Fifty Dollar Legal Tender Note
1880 Fifty Dollar Silver Certificate
1882 Fifty Dollar Gold Certificate
1882 Fifty Dollar Brown Back National Note
1882 Fifty Dollar Date Back National Bank Note
[IMAGE COMING SOON] 1882 Fifty Dollar Value Back National Note
1891 Fifty Dollar Treasury Note
1891 Fifty Dollar Silver Certificate
1902 Fifty Dollar Red Seal National Bank Note
1902 Fifty Dollar Blue Seal National Bank Note
1913 Fifty Dollar Gold Certificate
1914 $50 Red Seal Federal Reserve Note
1914 $50 Blue Seal Federal Reserve Note
1918 Fifty Dollar Federal Reserve Bank Note
1922 Fifty Dollar Gold Certificate