Large Size Star Notes – Values and Pricing

Large Size Currency Star Notes – Values and Pricing

Large size star notes were printed from 1910 until 1929. When a large size note has a star in the serial number that signifies that the star note entered circulation to replace a standard issue serial number that was misprinted during the printing process. More importantly though, if you have a large size note that has a star symbol in the serial number then it is worth more money than a normal issue serial number.

One of the biggest confusions in the world of large size star notes is the year of issue. Star notes can be found on currency with a series year as old as 1880. So the series year on a large size star note is not terribly important. The value in star notes, as with anything, is based on rarity and condition. Click on the picture of your star note below to get more specific information about values and pricing.

Don’t forget, we purchase all large size star notes. In order to make an offer on your large size star note we will need to know the serial number, exact issue, and the condition. If you can send a scan or digital photo of the front and back of your star note then we can quote you a price. Even if you aren’t looking to sell we can still let you know if what you have is rare. Send us an email to:


Large size star notes are highly collectible and some can be quite valuable. The links above can get you more information about the rarity of your exact star note. Thanks for looking.