1914 $50 Star Note – Values and Pricing

Series of 1914 Fifty Dollar Federal Reserve Star Note – Values and Pricing


Year:  1914 Type:  Fifty Dollar Federal Reserve Note Variety:  Star Note
Total 1914 $50 Star Notes Known To Exist:  around 30
We purchase all series of 1914 $50 star notes.  Send us an email with a picture of yournote,  admin@oldcurrencyvalues.comWe will respond quickly with our opinion and offer.
Description:  We love series of 1914 $50 star notes.  Each district printed their own star notes.  So each serial number starts at 1.  That means that 1914 $50 star notes frequently have low serial numbers.  1914 $50 star notes are also just plain rare.  There are about 30 known to exist, but they don’t show up frequently.

Each star note will have a serial number that starts with a letter (A-L).  The serial number will end with a hollow star symbol.  Each serial number is printed in blue ink.

Variations:  Due to all the signature and district differences, there are actually 43 possible different varieties of 1914 $50 star notes.  However, currently only about a dozen of those 43 types have been discovered.  This means that any 1914 $50 star note has a possibility to be rare, and hopefully valuable.

Send us pictures of your 1914 $50 star note so we can check it for varieties.

Other:  If your series of 1914 $50 bill has a serial number that ends with a letter, then you have a regular issue note.  You can learn more about standard serial number 1914 $50 bills here.