1906 $20 Star Note – Values and Pricing

Series of 1906 Twenty Dollar Gold Certificate Star Note – Values and Pricing


Year:  1906 Type:  Twenty Dollar Gold Certificate Variety:  Star Note
Total 1906 $20 Star Notes Known To Exist:  around 30
We purchase all series of 1906 $20 star notes.  Send us an email with a picture of yournote,  admin@oldcurrencyvalues.comWe will respond quickly with our opinion and offer.
Description:  1906 twenty dollar gold certificate star notes are fairly rare.  Most 1906 $20 star notes that show up are circulated lower grade notes.  These are popular because they are the earliest gold certificate for which replacement star notes were issued.

To qualify as a star note, the serial number should star with a hollow gold star.  The serial number will always end with the letter B.

Variations:  There are five different signature combinations that issued series of 1906 $20 gold certificates.  There is also an extra type variety in there.

We encourage you to contact us regarding your 1906 $20 star note so we can check it for rare varieties or signature combinations.

Other:  If your series of 1906 $20 bill has a serial number that starts with a letter, then you have a regular issue note.  You can learn more about standard serial number 1906 $20 bills here.