1880 $20 Star Note – Values and Pricing

Series of 1880 Twenty Dollar Legal Tender Star Note – Values and Pricing


Year:  1880 Type:  Twenty Dollar Legal Tender / United States Note Variety:  Star Note
Total 1880 $20 Star Notes Known To Exist:  around 40
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Description:  Large size star notes were not printed until 1910.  Believe it or not, series of 1880 $20 legal tender notes were actually still being printed in 1910.  Star notes were printed for the series of 1880.  1880 is the oldest date to feature a replacement star note, the next closest year after 1880 is 1891.

1880 $20 star notes have a hollow red star symbol to begin the serial number.  All serial number ends with the letter B, and the number will likely be lower than 60,000.

Variations:  There are only two signature combinations possible for the 1880 $20 star.  These notes can be signed by Teehee and Burke or by Elliott and White.  There is also a mule variety known for the Elliott White signature.
Other:  If your series of 1880 $20 bill has a serial number that starts with a letter, then you have a regular issue note.  You can learn more about standard serial number 1880 $20 bills here.