Oversized Two Dollar Bills | Values and Pricing for Old Two Dollar Bills

Oversized Two Dollar Bills – A Guide With Values

Oversized two dollar bills were printed from 1862 until 1923.  Two dollar bills were printed in the form of silver certificates, legal tenders, treasury notes, federal reserve bank notes, and national bank notes.  It is only in modern society that we associate two dollar bills with rarity.  In the late 19th and early 20th century two dollar bills were printed just as much as any other denomination.

As with all oversized money, the value of an old two dollar bill is based on its grade, serial number, signature combination, and rarity.  Literally tens of thousands of oversized two dollar bills exist today.  But that doesn’t mean that some two dollar bills aren’t rare and valuable.  All oversized two dollar bills are collectible, some are just worth more than others.

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Click on your exact two dollar bill.  Be sure you select the correct year.  Several two dollar bills have similar designs.


Various Years – Two Dollar National Bank Note
1862 Two Dollar Legal Tender
1869 Two Dollar Legal Tender
1874 Two Dollar Legal Tender
1875 Two Dollar Legal Tender
1878 Two Dollar Legal Tender
1880 Two Dollar Legal Tender
1886 Two Dollar Silver Certificate
1890 Two Dollar Treasury Note
1891 Two Dollar Silver Certificate
1891 Two Dollar Treasury Note
1896 Two Dollar Silver Certificate
1899 Two Dollar Silver Certificate
1917 Two Dollar Legal Tender
1914/1918 Federal Reserve Bank Note