1918 $10 Star Note – Values and Pricing

Series of 1918 Ten Dollar Federal Reserve Bank Note Star – Values and Pricing


Year:  1918 Type:  Ten Dollar Federal Reserve Bank Note Variety:  Star Note
Total 1918 $10 Star Notes Known To Exist:  one (1)
We purchase all series of 1918 $10 star notes.  Send us an email with a picture of yournote,  admin@oldcurrencyvalues.comWe will respond quickly with our opinion and offer.
Description:  The word unique gets applied incorrectly too often in the field of numismatics.  However, there is only one series of 1918 $10 star note currently known to exist – so it is unique.  The note pictured below is the only known star note for the entire series of 1918.  Four different federal reserve banks issued star notes, but only St. Louis has a survivor.  New York, Atlanta, and Chicago also printed star notes.

It is extremely likely that there are several more 1918 $10 star notes waiting to be found.  If you have one, we hope you will contact us and give us a chance to pay you a lot of money for yours.

Variations:  Despite just one 1918 $10 star note currently being known to exist, there are in fact four different star signature combinations possible.  Needless to say, the variety isn’t terribly important when dealing with such a rarity.
Other:  If your series of 1918 $10 bill has a serial number that ends with a letter, then you have a regular issue note.  You can learn more about standard serial number 1918 $10 bills here.