Series of 1928 $2 Legal Tender Star Notes – Values and Pricing

Series of 1928 $2 Legal Tender Star Notes – Values and Pricing

1928 two dollar star notes can be quite rare.  All series of 1928 two dollar star notes will look fairly similar.  The serial number will begin with a solid five pointed star.  After the star comes an eight digit serial number.  The letter A is the suffix for the serial number.  The rarity in the 1928 two dollar star note series will depend on if the note is a 1928, 1928A, 1928B, etc.

The 1928B $2 red seal star note is by far the rarest of the series, and the 1928G is by far the most common of the series.

Some 1928 $2 star notes as rare to the point that choice uncirculated notes simply aren’t available.  Even the most common 1928 two dollar star notes are tough to find in uncirculated states.

This is a fun series to try and collect.  It is easy to but an entry note or two, but it is expensive to complete the collection.

We are aggressive buyers of all series of 1928 two dollar star notes.  Due to the popularity of this series, we have many customers seeking rarer and high grade notes.  Please let us know what you have so that we can make an offer.

Below you will find a picture of each 1928 two dollar star note.  Click on the text or image of each note to find out starting values and rarity.



Series of 1928 $2 Red Seal Star Note



Series of 1928 A $2 Red Seal Star Note



Series of 1928 B $2 Red Seal Star Note



Series of 1928 C $2 Red Seal Star Note



Series of 1928 D $2 Red Seal Star Note



Series of 1928 E $2 Red Seal Star Note



Series of 1928 F $2 Red Seal Star Note



Series of 1928 G $2 Red Seal Star Note