1935A $1 Silver Certificate with Red R & S – Values and Pricing

Series of 1935A $1 Silver Certificate Experimental Red R & Red S – Values and Pricing

In 1944 the Bureau of Engraving and Printing decided to experiment with a new paper for silver certificates. Some 1935A silver certificates were marked with a red R to designate the regular paper; others were marked with a red S to signify that they were printed on special paper.

All told 1,184,000 of each type of note was printed.  No conclusive results were reached and today we have nice collectible item thanks to the attempts.  You can buy a heavily circulated red R or red S note for less than $50. Uncirculated examples are common and available; they tend to sell for around $250.

It is important to know the serial number ranges for these types of notes.  Some less than scrupulous people have been known to just stamp an R or S on any 1935A $1 silver certificate.  If your experimental note is not in the following range, then it is forged:

Red S – S73884001C – S75068000C
Red R – S70884001C – S72068000C

The rarest form of the experimental silver certificate is the star note.  Only 24,000 were printed, 12,000 for the red R and 12,000 for the red S.  These are very rare.  The serial number range for stars are as follows:

Red S – *91188001A – *91200000A
Red R – *91176001A – *91188000A

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