Antique Currency Values

Antique Currency Values

The term “Antique Currency” applies to what anyone might consider old currency.  To collectors, antique currency is generally thought of as anything with a printed date of before 1940.  Antique currency values can range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars – it really all just depends on what you have.  If you have any antique currency, we can value it (for free) and offer our best price to purchase it.


We specialize in providing value appraisals for antique currency.  Some commonly encountered antique currency examples are:


Antique Currency Values – National Banknotes

Generally speaking, national currency can be worth as little as $25 or up into the thousands.  It all depends on which national bank issued the notes.  We appraise all currency, but we specialize in national currency and would love to hear about your note.  Whether you are just curious to see what you have or you want to sell it for the top market price, we are here to help:


Antique Currency Values – Large-Size Type Notes

Large-size notes were printed from 1862 to 1923.  As a general rule, the higher the denomination the rarer it will be, and the of course condition plays a big part in determining value.  A lot of antique large size currency is quite common and will only be worth $15-$80.  There are certainly exceptions though, so please contact us for an exact price quote:

Antique Currency Values – Small-Size Type Notes

Small-size antique currency was first printed in 1928.  If your note was printed after 1940 there is a strong possibility that it is only worth 25% over face values.  If was printed before 1940 there are some situations in which the note could be worth several hundred dollars.  For more information, contact us: