In 1963 The Dallas Mint Closed?

Currency Myth Related To The Kennedy Assassination

This is by far the craziest currency myth I have ever heard. Once a year or so someone will tell me about their Federal Reserve Note from Dallas. According to some people’s legend, when President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 all production of the 1963 dollar bill at the Dallas Mint ceased and was never resumed, thus making 1963 dollar bills from the Dallas Mint extremely rare.

There are many problems with this theory. However, the biggest problem is that there was never a mint in Dallas. The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas has existed since the 1910s. The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas does not print currency on site, and it never has. Furthermore, the Kennedy assassination in no way affected any paper money production.

So while there are plenty of myths about the Kennedy assassination, the one related to his death closing the fictional Dallas Mint is certainly fiction. All currency from 1963 is very common.