Stand Alone Serial Number on Currency – Values and Pricing

Stand Alone Serial Number on Currency – Values and Pricing

I don’t think there is a precise way to describe a stand alone serial number. In fact I just made up the term stand alone because I don’t think there ever has been a cute catchy way to describe such notes. However, let’s just say that a stand alone serial number should consist of a lot of zeros and not much else.

Example: A00700000A, K00012000B

The serial number 700,000 is going to be much tougher to locate than the serial number 7. Lots of people save low serial numbers, but something like 700,000 isn’t going to catch your eye as quickly. Despite the smaller population, stand alone serial numbers really don’t command huge premiums. However, with that said, something like A20000000A is probably technically a stand alone, but it will have much more value because it has all trailing zeros.

There is no set way to price a stand alone note. Factors will include type of note, condition, and the exact serial number.

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