Value of One Thousand Dollar Star Note

One Thousand Dollar Bill with a Star in the Serial Number – Values and Pricing

Star notes for the $1,000 denomination come in three different varieties.  The series of 1928, 1934, and 1934A all issued $1,000 star notes.

$1,000 star notes from 1928 are very rare.  There are currently only about 15 of the series of 1928 $1,000 stars known to exist.    Fifteen is actually a surprisingly high number considering the small amount printed.

1934 $1,000 star notes are actually quite common.  You can purchase a circulated 1934 $1,000 star in low grade for just a little more than $2,000.  Prices can certainly get higher based on exact serial number, condition, and issuing district.

Series of 1934A $1,000 star notes are actually rarer than the very valuable 1928 $1,000 stars.  However, 1934A stars are not as heavily collected.  In fact a 1934A star from the Chicago (G) district really doesn’t command much of a premium over a 1934 star.

If you have a one thousand dollar star note you are curious about, then send us a scan or digital photo of the front and back of the bill.  We can check it for varieties and tell you what it is worth.