Value of One Hundred Dollar Star Note

One Hundred Dollar Bill with a Star in the Serial Number – Values and Pricing

$100 star notes are very popular right now, especially if they are from rare districts for the series of 1928.  $100 bills have long been an underappreciated denomination for both star and non-stars.  However, as more and more and people saw good value in $100 star notes, more people started collected them.  Today they are very popular.

The rarest $100 star note is the 1929 $100 star note from The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.  Extremely high grade $100 gold certificate star notes are also very rare.  1928A $100 star notes are also rare, but these aren’t quite as celebrated.

One of the most popular $100 star notes is the series of 1966 red seal star note.  These have actually dropped in value 50% since 2008.  However, they still bring strong prices considering their relative availability.

Any star note printed before 1935 that has a serial number lower than 100 will be in demand, even if it is otherwise common.  Sadly, $100 star notes from 1950 and newer really don’t carry much of a collector value.

If you have a one hundred dollar star note you are curious about, then send us a scan or digital photo of the front and back of the bill.  We can check it for varieties and tell you what it is worth.