August 10th 1861 $20 Demand Note Value

Value of Twenty Dollar Demand Note from August 10 1861


Year:  Aug. 10th 1861 Type:  Demand Note Denomination:  Twenty Dollar Bill
Value:  The value of $20 bills from August 10th 1861 is based on their condition and city of issue.
We purchase demand note $20 bills from 1861.  Send us an email to tell us what you  We will respond quickly with our opinion and offer.
Description:  Simply put, 1861 $20 demand notes are rare.  These were the first paper money issued by the United States government and they were issued during the civil war.  Demand notes are historically important and very difficult to locate in any grade.

The twenty dollar denomination is the highest of the three denominations printed.  It is also by far the rarest.  Of the 9 varieties, six are unique or unknown to exist.  Despite their rarity and popularity, $20 demand notes have a very simply design.  Liberty holding a shield and sword is featured in the center on the front of the bill.  The back of each bill has a rich green overprint.

If you have a $20 demand note, please send us a picture of it.  We need to look at it to 1) tell if it is authentic and 2) check it for varieties and 3) grade its condition.

Variations:  There are nine different varieties for 1861 twenty dollar demand notes.  The two important factors in determining which variety you have will be based on the city of issue, and whether or not the note is a “for the” variety.

At the bottom center of the above note you can see where the phrase “for the Register of the Treasury” and “for the Treasurer of the United States” is printed on the bill.  On some bills “for the” is handwritten.  If you have a hand written “for the” it will be obvious, and the bill will be more valuable.  The nine varieties are:

New York
New York “for the” handwritten
Philadelphia “for the”  handwritten
Boston “for the” handwritten
Cincinnati “for the” handwritten
St. Louis

Long story short, everything is rare for this series, year, and denomination.  Contact us for exact pricing.

Inscriptions:  American Bank Note Co. New York  –  Twenty  –  The United States Promise To Pay Twenty Dollars To The Bearer on Demand  –  Washington  –  Aug. 10th 1861  –  Payable by the Asst Treasurer of the U.S. at  –  Act of July 17. 1861  –  For The Register Of The Treasury  –  For The Treasurer Of The United States  –  Patented 30 June 1857  –  Receivable in Payment of All Public Dues