1861 $50 Bill Jackson and Chase

Value of Fifty Dollar Interest Bearing Note from 1861


Year:  March 2nd 1861 Type:  Interest Bearing Treasury Note Denomination:  Fifty Dollar Bill
Value:  All interest bearing notes are rare.  The exact value is just based on the condition of each bill
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Description:  The fifty dollar bill shown below is extremely rare.  It is currently thought that only two are known to exist.  These interest bearing notes have a unique color and layout that is not seen on any other United States paper money.  These notes look much more like Confederate or obsolete bank issues than they do federal paper money.

A small portrait of Andrew Jackson is printed on the left hand side of the bill and Salmon P Chase is on the right hand side of the bill.  The central vignette shows a seated woman with a sword; she is supposed to represent justice.

Variations:  There are no important varieties for this issue.
Inscriptions:  Issued in pursuance of an act of congress approved March 2nd 1861  –  Two Years After Date The United States Promise to Pay To The Order of Fifty Dollars with interest at six percent payable 1st Jan and 1st July Washington  –  Countersigned  –  Convertible Into Bonds Of The United States  –  Receivable In Payment of All Public Dues  –  Register Of The Treasury  –  Treasurer Of The United States