Act of February 25th 1862 $10 Bill Value

Value of Ten Dollar Bill Act of Feb 25th 1862


Year:  1862 Type:  Legal Tender / United States Note Denomination:  Ten Dollar Bill
Value:  The value of Ten dollar bills from 1862 is based on condition, serial number, and series number
We purchase $10 bills from Feb 25th 1862.  Send us an email to tell us what you have  We will respond quickly with our opinion and offer.
Description:  99.99% of the American currency we see if authentic.  However, when dealing with this issue you have to be very careful.  50% of the February 25th 1862 $10 bills we see are in fact fake.  There are two types of fakes.  There are the ones made back in the 1860s that are heavily worn and deceiving.  There are much more modern fakes that are not at all deceptive and probably made more as souvenirs.

1862 ten dollar bills have two dates on them, Feb. 25th 1862 and March 10th 1862.  Collectors call these 1862 ten dollar legal tenders.  The exact date isn’t terribly important.

These notes are all signed by Chittenden and Spinner.  These are available across most all grades.  Abraham Lincoln, a female artist, and an eagle are all shown on the front of each bill.

Variations:  There are seven different varieties on the March 10, 1862 ten dollar bill.  The varieties all have to do with the series number and starburst placement.  The starburst is the symbol that looks like a sun at the bottom center on the front of the bill.  So the varieties are:

Series 28-63 (starburst at bottom center)
Series 1 (no starburst, seal at upper right)
Series 1-9 (no starburst, seal at right center)
Series 1-25 (starburst present)
Series 26-28 (starburst present)
Series 5, 6, 7 (no starburst, no patent date)
Series 5 (starburst present, no patent date)

So now that you are confused about what series you have, give us a call.  We can look at your note and identify it.  Several of the above varieties are rare.

Inscriptions:  Act of Feb 25th 1862  –  Series ###  –  The United States Promise To Pay To The Bearer Ten Dollars Payable At The Treasury of the United States At New York  –  Printed by the National Bank Note Co.  –  Register Of The Treasury  –  Treasurer Of The United States  –  Washington  –  Amer Septent Sigil Thesaur  –  March 10th 1862  –  This Note Is A Legal Tender For All Debts Public And Private Except Duties On Imports And Interest On The Public Debt; And Is exchangeable for U.S. Six percent Twenty Year Bonds, redeemable at the pleasure of the U. States after Five Years  –  United States of America