1864 $20 Compound Interest Treasury Note Value

Value of Twenty Dollar Compound Interest Treasury Note from 1864


Year:  1864 Type:  Compound Interest Treasury Note Denomination:  Twenty Dollar Bill
Value:  The value of compound interest treasury notes is mostly just based on what condition they are in.
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Description:  Compound interest treasury notes are rare, even for the twenty dollar denomination.  These were bought for the specific purpose of cashing in on the interest.  So if you didn’t redeem your note, you didn’t get your extra money.  Because of that, almost all of these notes were redeemed and destroyed.

$20 treasury notes show a mortar cannon at the bottom of each note.  Abraham Lincoln is on the right hand side of each note and the left hand side shows a woman who is supposed to represent Victory.  Each $20 note has a red treasury seal and two red serial numbers.

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Variations:  There are three different varieties for the twenty dollar compound interest treasury note:

Signed by Chittenden and Spinner with a date of July 15, 1864
Signed by Colby and Spinner with a date of August 15, 1864 – October 16, 1865
Signed by Chittenden and Spinner with a date of June 10, 1864

The middle issues are the most “common.”  However, the word common really isn’t accurate; all notes are rare.

Inscriptions:  Legal Tender For Twenty Dollars  –  Treasury Department  –  Act of June 30th 1864  –  Three Years After Date The United States Will Pay The Bearer With Interest At The Rate Of Six Percent Interest Per Annum Twenty Dollars  –  Treasury Note  –  Register Of The Treasury  –  Treasurer Of The United States  –  By Act of Congress this Note is a Legal Tender for Twenty Dollars but bears Interest at six percent compounded every six months though payable only at maturity as follows  –  This sum $23.88 will be paid the holder for principal and at maturity of note three years from date.