June 15th 1865 $1000 Interest Bearing Note

Value of One Thousand Dollar Interest Bearing Treasury Note from 1865


Year:  1865 Type:  Interest Bearing Treasury Note Denomination:  One Thousand Dollar Bill
Value:  All interest bearing notes are rare.  The exact value is just based on the condition of each bill
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Description:  The $1000 treasury note seen below can come with two different dates.  Some were issued for June 15th 1865 and others are for July 15th 1865.  The first date has three examples known to exist for it; the second date is currently unreported.  These notes were issued with five interest coupons attached to them.  The exact example shown below is actually just cancelled, it is not counterfeit.

The central vignette is supposed to represent Justice.  Each bill has a blue serial number and red seal.



Varieties:  There are no design differences outside of the dates mentioned above.