1875 First Charter $500 National Bank Note

Value of Five Hundred Dollar First Charter National Bank Note


Year:  1875 or 1862-1882 Type:  National Bank Note Denomination:  Five Hundred Dollar Bill
Value:  The value of five hundred dollar national bank notes is based condition, bank of issue, and serial numbers
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Description:  One hundred different national banks issued $500 national bank notes.  It is is currently thought that only one $500 national bank note is held in private hands.  There are another two notes held in institutional collections.  The amazing thing is that 173 $500 national bank notes are listed as outstanding and not redeemed.  The logical conclusion is that the government records are wrong.  It would be almost impossible for that many to be destroyed or still waiting to be found.  It is possible that a couple more are hiding, but this will always be a very rare issue.

This is a one year unique design.  The allegorical figure is supposed to represent The Spirit of The Navy.  The name of the ship on the right hand side of the bill is Sirius.  If you happen to own a $500 bill like this, then please contact us.  We have a seven figure offer waiting for you.

$500 national gold bank notes were also issued for three banks in California.  None of these are known to exist, but four are still reported as outstanding.  If a $500 national gold bank note was discovered it would instantly become the most important piece of currency, period.




Variations:  These notes can have a red seal as seen above, or a red seal with spikes.  The spiked seal notes are signed by Colby and Spinner.  The other notes are signed by Allison and New.