Series 1890 $10 Treasury Note Value

Value of Ten Dollar Treasury Note from Series of 1890


Year:  1890 Type:  Treasury Note / Coin Note Denomination:  Ten Dollar Bill
Value:  The value of 1890 $10 treasury notes is for the most part just based on what condition they are in
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Description:  There was a time when ten dollar treasury notes from 1890 were very rare.  Today they are just rare.  A hoard of these was discovered in the early 2000s.  Since that time dozens of high grade examples of have been available.  Mid-grade examples of the 1890 $10 treasury note are still tough to find, but they are much cheaper now than they were 15 years ago.

The front of 1890 $10 treasury notes shows a picture of Philip H Sheridan.  The serial numbers are red.  All serial numbers on 1890 ten dollar bills end with a star symbol.  That star does not add a premium like it would otherwise on some notes.  The back of 1890 $10 notes is a very rich green color.

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Variations:  There are three different signature combinations within the series of 1890 ten dollar treasury note.

Rosecrans – Huston – Brown Seal
Rosecrans – Nebeker – Brown Seal (slightly rare signature combination)
Rosecrans – Nebeker – Red Seal

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Inscriptions:  Series of 1890  –  Legal Tender Act July 14 1890  –  Bureau, Engraving & Printing  –  Register Of The Treasury  –  Treasurer Of The United States  –  Sheridan  –  Treasury Note  –  The United States Of America Will Pay To Bearer Ten Dollars In Coin Washington, D.C.  –  Amer Septent Sigil Thesaur  –  This Note Is A Legal Tender At Its Face Value In Payment of All Debts, Public and Private, Except When Otherwise Expressly Stipulated In The Contract.