Series of 1890 One Dollar Treasury Note Value

Value of One Dollar Treasury Note from Series of 1890


Year:  1890 Type:  Treasury Note / Coin Note Denomination:  One Dollar Bill
Value:  The value of one dollar 1890 treasury notes is based on their condition and serial number.
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Description:  Series of 1890 treasury notes are actually fairly rare.  Series of 1890 one dollar treasury notes are the most difficult one dollar bills to obtain in high grades.

The design of 1890 and 1891 treasury notes is fairly similar on the front, but the backs are very different.  The rarer 1890 treasury notes have a rich green back with the word “ONE” written very boldly.  Both years feature Edwin M Stanton.  Sadly, today he is often called the man with the long beard.  Most of the general public does not recognize him.

All notes from the series of 1890 have a serial number than ends with a star symbol.  The star does note add a premium.

Variations:  There are three different signature combinations within the series of 1890 one dollar treasury note.  None of the varieties command premiums over each other, they are all rare.

Rosecrans – Huston – Brown Seal
Rosecrans – Nebeker – Brown Seal
Rosecrans – Nebeker – Red Seal

Inscriptions:  Series of 1890  –  Legal Tender Act July 14 1890  –  Bureau, Engraving & Printing  –  Register Of The Treasury  –  Treasurer Of The United States  –  Treasury Note  –  The United States Of America Will Pay To Bearer One Dollar In Coin Washington, D.C.  –  Amer Septent Sigil Thesaur  –  This Note Is A Legal Tender At Its Face Value In Payment of All Debts, Public and Private, Except When Otherwise Expressly Stipulated In The Contract.