Series 1891 $500 Treasury Note Value

Value of Five Hundred Dollar Treasury Note From Series of 1891


Year:  1891 Type:  Treasury Note / Coin Note Denomination:  Five Hundred Dollar Bill
Value:  The value of $500 1891 treasury notes is based on their condition
We purchase $500 treasury notes from 1891.  Send us an email to tell us what you have  We will respond quickly with our opinion and offer.
Description:  Amazingly, there are no 1891 $500 treasury notes known to exist.  These were issued, but no examples are currently reported.  The image below is a proof specimen, which is worth a fraction of an authentic made for circulation note.  This is the only denomination for the 1891 series for which an issued note is not known to exist.  If one is found it will be worth high six to low seven figures.  So needless to say, if you have one, we want to hear about it.  We are interested and qualified buyers.

General William Tecumseh Sherman is pictured on the left hand side of the bill.  All 1891 treasury notes have a serial number that is printed in red ink and ends with a star symbol.  Unlike most treasury notes, there were no series of 1890 examples printed.




Variations:  All 1891 $100 treasury notes were signed by Bruce and Roberts
Inscriptions:  Series of 1891  –  Legal Tender Act July 14 1890  –  Register Of The Treasury  –  Treasurer Of The United States  –  Treasury Note  –  The United States Of America Will Pay To Bearer Five Hundred Dollars In Coin Washington, D.C.  –  Amer Septent Sigil Thesaur  –  Sheridan  –  This Note Is A Legal Tender At Its Face Value In Payment of All Debts, Public and Private, Except When Otherwise Expressly Stipulated In The Contract.