Series of 1899 One Dollar Silver Certificate Value

Value of One Dollar Silver Certificate From Series of 1899


Year:  1899 Type:  Silver Certificate Denomination:  One Dollar Bill
Value:  The value of one dollar 1899 silver certificates is based on their condition and serial number.
We purchase $1 silver certificates from 1899.  Send us an email to tell us what you have  We will respond quickly with our opinion and offer.
Description:  One dollar silver certificates from the series of 1899 are the second most common one dollar silver certificate printed.  Collectors call these one dollar bills “black eagles” because of the central eagle with spread wings.  This is the only piece of United States currency that has two president on it.  Lincoln and Grant are found on either side of the eagle.

1899 silver certificates have a blue seal, serial numbers, and a big blue one on the left side of the bill.  These notes are very common and are valued almost purely on their condition.  Send us a picture of your note for an evaluation.

If your series of 1899 silver certificate has a star symbol in the serial number, it will command a premium.  You can learn more about 1899 $1 star notes here.

Variations:  There are 13 different varieties of 1899 one dollar silver certificates.  There are two rarer varieties.  The most sought after black eagle is known as the 229a.  A 229a black eagle is signed by Vernon and McClung AND the date 1899 must be written to the right of the blue seal to qualify.  The other rare variety is known as a 231 and it is signed by Napier and Thompson.  Today the 231 is actually rarer, but it is not quite as valuable.

Other possible signature combinations are as follows:
Lyons – Roberts
Lyons – Treat
Vernon – Treat
Napier – McClung
Parker – Burke
Teehee – Burke
Elliott – Burke
Elliott – White
Speelman – White

Inscriptions:  Silver Certificate  –  Series of 1899  –  Act of August 4 1886  –  Register Of The Treasury  –  Treasurer Of The United States  –  This Certifies That There Has Been Deposited In The Treasury Of The United States One Silver Dollar Payable To Bearer On Demand Washington, D.C.  –  United States Silver Certificate  –  Amer Septent Sigil Thesaur  –  This Certificate Is Receivable For Customs, Taxes and All Public Dues, And When So Received May Be Reissued