Series of 1902 $5 Bill Value Blue Seal National Currency

National Bank Note Value – Series of 1902 Five Dollar Blue Seal


Year:  1902 (1902-1928) Type:  National Currency / Bank Note Denomination:  Five Dollar Bill
Value:  The value of a 1902 $5 blue seal is based on the bank of issue, condition, and serial number
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Description:  The 1902 $5 blue seal shown below is from Watervliet, NY.  However, your 1902 blue seal could be from just about any bank and town in the United States.  All series of 1902 five dollar bills have a picture of Ben Harrison on the right hand side of the bill.  Each bill has a large blue number printed on the front of the bill twice.  There is also a cursive date on the bill.  That date in no way affects the value of your bill.  Despite saying series of 1902, these notes were actually printed between 1908 and 1928.

Some series of 1902 blue seals are worth lots of money.  The value is all based on the condition of the bill, the serial number, and the bank of issue.  A note from a small town is usually worth more than a note from New York City.  It is all about rarity.

We strongly encourage you to send us a scan or digital photo of your 1902 $5 blue seal.  We specialize in national currency, and can make you an aggressive offer for your bill.


Variations:  There are two different varieties of 1902 $5 blue seals.  If the back of your blue seal has the years 1902 and 1908 written on it, then you have what is known as a 1902 date back.  If your five dollar bill does not have those two dates written on the back of it, then you have what is known as a 1902 plain back.

1902 date backs are much rarer than 1902 plain backs.  However, almost no one pays a premium for a date back.  Both types of blue seals look similar so people are happy with any example.

Inscriptions:  National Currency  –  Secured By United States Bonds or Other Securities  –  United States of America Will Pay To The Bearer On Demand Five Dollars  –  Register of the Treasury  –  Treasurer of The United States  –  Cashier  –  President  –  Series of 1902  –  This note is receivable at par in all parts of the United States in payment of all taxes and excises and all other dues to the United States except duties on imports and also for all salaries and other debts and demands owing by The United States to individuals corporations and associations within the United States except interest on the public debt.