Value of 1905 One Hundred Dollar Bill | 1905 $100 Bill

1905 $100 Bill


 1905 One Hundred Dollar Bill
The 1905 $100 bill was printed from March of 1902 to August 1929, even though every note says series of 1902, they were not necessarily printed that year.  1905 $100 bills also feature a full date, this date is when the bank got its national charter.  1905 one hundred dollar bills have the portrait of John J. Knox on the front left.  1905 $100 bills will either have a blue seal or a red seal.  Typically, the blue seal 1905 one hundred dollar notes will be more common and worth less than the red seal 1905 one hundred dollar notes.   The value of a 1905 $100 bill is not set in stone, the value depends on the bank which issued the notes.  See our contact information below to get a quick free appraisal on your 1905 $100 bill.
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