Series of 1922 $500 Gold Certificate

Value of Five Hundred Dollar Gold Certificate from Series of 1922


Year:  1922 Type:  Gold Certificate Denomination:  Five Hundred Dollar Bill
Value:  The value of $500 gold certificates from 1922 is based on their condition and serial number
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Description:  The series of 1922 $500 gold certificate is one of the most affordable large size five hundred dollar bills.  It can be bought for less than $10,000 in circulated conditions.  That can be said about only two other $500 bills.  This was the last large size note of this denomination printed.

Abraham Lincoln is on the left hand side of the bill.  The serial number is printed in blue ink in the upper right and lower left hand side of the bill.  There is also a red seal in the bottom center of each bill.  The backs of $500 gold certificates are a rich orange color.  The letter D is printed largely and there is a vignette of an eagle perched on a flag.  If you have a 1922 $500 gold certificate for sale, please let us know.  We are interested buyers.

Variations:  All 1922 $500 gold certificates were signed by Speelman and white.  There are no mule or serial number size varieties.
Inscriptions:  Gold Certificate  –  This Certifies That There Have Been Deposited In The Treasury Of The United States Of America Five Hundred Dollars In Gold Coin Repayable To The Bearer On Demand  –  Series of 1922  –  Register Of The Treasury  –  Treasurer Of The United States  –  Amer Septent Sigil Thesaur  –  The United States of America Five Hundred Dollars  –  This certificate is a legal tender in the amount thereof in payment of all debts and dues public and private.  Acts of March 14, 1900, as amended and December 24, 1919  –  Bureau Engraving & Printing