Series of 1928C $5 Red Seal Star Note – Values and Pricing

1928C Five Dollar Red Seal Star Note – Values and Pricing

The series of 1928C red seal five dollar star note is a great target if you are looking for a high grade and affordable star note from the 1928 series. In circulated condition you can buy a 1928C star note for less than $50. Very attractive XF 1928C five dollar stars should not cost more than $150. Choice uncirculated 1928C red seal stars can be bought for around $500.

There is a rare 1928C five dollar red seal star note called a mule note. Mule notes are much rarer than regular issues. 1928C mules start at around $200 and prices go up very quickly from there based on grade. Attractive 1928C mule star notes will cost low four figures. If you can send us high resolution scans of the front and back of your 1928C star bill then we can tell you if you have a rare mule.

1928C $5 red seal stars were signed by W.A. Julian and Henry Morgenthau Jr., as The Treasurer of The United States and The Secretary of The Treasury respectively. Based on known serial number ranges, it is expected that well over 2.5 million 1928C red seal star notes were printed.

1928C five dollar red seal star notes are easy to spot. These bills have a red seal on the left hand side of the bill. The serial number, including the star and letter A, are written in red ink. Abraham Lincoln is the center portrait. You can also find “series of 1928 C” written twice on the front of the note. These bills were also all printed in Washington DC.

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