Series of 1928D $5 Red Seal Star Note – Values and Pricing

1928D Five Dollar Red Seal Star Note – Values and Pricing

The series of 1928D five dollar red seal star note is the second rarest note from the seven note series. There were actually both mule and non-mule 1928D star notes printed. However, the value of both bills is about the same.

The starting price of any series of 1928D $5 star note is about $500. Prices only go up from there as the condition improves. All 1928D five dollar bills were signed by W.A. Julian and Fred M Vinson, as The Treasurer of The United States and The Secretary of The Treasury respectively. 1928D red seal star notes were printed in Washington DC. Abraham Lincoln is the central figure on the bill.

Red ink was used for the left seal on the bill. Red writing was used for the serial number. As with any bill, 1928D five dollar star notes have a serial number with a beginning character (a star), followed by eight numbers, and ending with the letter A.

Condition is very important on any 1928D star note. Send us a scan or digital photo of your bill and we would be more than happy to make an offer: