How Much is a 1928 $500 Gold Certificate Worth?

How Much is a 1928 $500 Gold Certificate Worth?

$500 gold certificates were only issued in the small size series for the year 1928.  Of the 424,000 printed, it is thought that just under 400 should eventually be available to collectors.  Right now there are about 100 1928 $500 gold certificates documented to exist.


Star notes were printed for the $500 gold certificate series, though none are known to exist.  High grade notes are available several times a year. As with most high denomination notes, 1928 five hundred dollar gold certificates didn’t circulate heavily, so the ones that exist now are usually quite attractive.

Values for 1928 $500 gold certificates break down as:

Heavily Circulated:    $2,500
Circulated:                  $4,500
Lightly Circulated:     $7,000+
Uncirculated:              $12,000+

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