Series of 1928 One Dollar Blue Seal Silver Certificates – Values and Pricing

Series of 1928 One Dollar Blue Seal Silver Certificates – Values and Pricing

Series of 1928 $1 blue seal silver certificates were printed from 1928 until 1934.  The series begins with regular 1928s and goes up to 1928E.

1928 one dollar silver certificates were the first small size silver certificates.  Do not confuse 1928 silver certificates with the much more common 1935 and 1957 examples, or the very similar 1934 one dollar silver certificates.

Most circulated notes from the 1928 one silver certificate series can be bought for around $10.  Choice uncirculated 1928 one dollar silver certificates typically sell for $50 and up depending on the actual grade and the series letter.  1928C, 1928D, and 1928E are worth much more than the earlier issues.

All 1928 one dollar silver certificate notes feature a portrait of George Washington, a blue seal, and the necessary nomenclature stating that this note is actually a silver certificate.  These notes are most recognizable for their back design which features a prominent “ONE” and the phrase “one dollar” repeated several times. These are specifically known as funnybacks.  Monopoly money is based off these one dollar bills.

Star notes were also printed for all 1928 one dollar silver certificate series.  Some of these can be quite rare. You can learn more about 1928 $1 star notes here.

Below you will find a picture of each 1928 $1 silver certificate.  Click on the picture to learn about the rarity of each series.

Don’t forget that we are also buyers of 1928 $1 silver certificates.  We are especially looking for high grade notes, consecutive runs, and all star notes.



Series of 1928 $1 Silver Certificate



Series of 1928A $1 Silver Certificate



Series of 1928B $1 Silver Certificate



Series of 1928C $1 Silver Certificate



Series of 1928D $1 Silver Certificate



Series of 1928E $1 Silver Certificate