Series of 1928 $5 Red Seal Star Note – Values and Pricing

1928 Five Dollar Red Seal Star Note – Values and Pricing

Five dollar red seal series of 1928 star notes were signed by WO Woods and AW Mellon, as The Treasurer of The United States and The Secretary of The Treasury respectively.

A heavily circulated 1928 five dollar star note can be bought at will for less than $100. A very lightly circulated 1928 red seal star shouldn’t cost much more than $200. As with any star note, there is a big gap between lightly circulated and uncirculated.

Uncirculated series of 1928 red seal five dollar star notes should start at around $800 and go up from there based on handling and centering.

Due to the fact that many different 1928 star notes were printed the same time as other red seal fives from different series, no one really knows exactly how many 1928 five dollar star bills were printed. However, based on serial number ranges, it is very safe to conclude that at least 2.5 million 1928 star notes entered circulation. One great thing about these series of 1928 star notes is that their serial numbers started at *00000001A, so there is a great possibility for low serial numbers.

As with all red seal five dollar star notes, the serial number has to begin with a solid red star, contain eight numbers, and end with the letter A. The seal on the left hand side of the bill will be in red. Red ink was also used for the serial number and star symbol. All 1928 fives were printed in Washington DC and feature Abraham Lincoln as the portrait.

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