Series of 1928 One Dollar Red Seal United States Note – Values and Pricing

Series of 1928 One Dollar Red Seal United States Note – Values and Pricing

1928 is the only year for which you can find a small size one dollar bill that has a red seal.  The red seal denotes that the dollar bill is a legal tender note, also called a United States Note.  1928 one dollar red seal notes are very popular.

The story of the 1928 is a strange one, in that it doesn’t make any chronological sense.  All 1928 red seal dollar bills say series of 1928 on them.  However, they were actually not printed until 1933.  To make things even odder, 1928 one dollar red seals didn’t get released for circulation until late 1948.  When they were finally released into circulation, Puerto Rico was chosen as the location of distribution.  Despite that less than direct path, many low serial number, choice uncirculated, red seal one dollar bills exist today.

A collector can buy a heavily circulated 1928 red seal one for around $50.  Uncirculated notes start at around $200 and go up slowly from there based on centering.  As mentioned above, there is a staggering number of high grade 1928 one dollar legal tender notes known to exist.  This is thanks in part to many of the first 4,000 notes issued being saved, along with a few packs of 100 consecutive notes.  In fact, consecutive packs of 100 are occasionally still available fully intact.

The collectability of the 1928 one dollar red seal does relate to the fact that it is a one year design and the note is very distinctive.  Thanks to research, we know that 1,872,012 notes were printed.  All of these notes were printed in Washington DC and they are all signed by WO Woods as the treasurer of the united states and WH Woodin as secretary of the treasury.  The back of all 1928 one dollar red seals feature the funnyback design.

In addition to George Washington and a red seal, each 1928 one dollar legal tender note also says:

“This note is a legal tender at its face value for all debts public and private except duties on imports and interest on the public debt”

“United States Note – The United States of America – Washington – Will Pay To The Bearer On Demand One Dollar”

Star notes were also printed for the 1928 one dollar legal tender series and they are quite rare.  Learn more about 1928 $1 red seal star notes here.

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