Series of 1928B One Dollar Bill – Blue Seal Silver Certificate – Values and Pricing

Series of 1928B One Dollar Bill – Blue Seal Silver Certificate – Values and Pricing

There were almost 680 million 1928B one dollar silver certificates printed.  This obviously makes them very common.  A circulated series of 1928B $1 silver certificate can easily be bought for $12 and a choice uncirculated example shouldn’t cost more than $60.

The one slight rarity in the 1928B series is the VA block.  Premiums are also found on uncirculated notes from the XB, YB, and ZB experimental block.

Series of 1928B $1 bills were printed between February 1932 and March 1933.  These dates coincide with when WO Woods and Ogden L Mills were in office together.

All 1928B one dollar silver certificate notes feature a portrait of George Washington at center and a blue seal on the left hand side of the note.  All 1928B $1 silver certificates are known as “funnybacks.”  They get this name from their distinctive back design.

Star notes were also printed for the series of 1928B one dollar silver certificates.  You can learn more about 1928B $1 star notes here.

We are aggressive buyers of 1928B one dollar silver certificates.  We are especially looking for uncirculated notes, consecutive runs and 1928B $1 star notes.