1929 $10 National Currency Bank Value

Value of Series of 1929 $10 National Bank Note – National Currency

When attempting to determine the value of 1929 ten dollar bills, play close attention to condition, serial numbers, and bank of issue. Most 1929 $10 national bank notes sell for about $40 to $100 if they are from a common bank. If your $10 1929 national bank note is from a slightly rare bank then then something closer to $250 could be accurate. Some very rare $10 1929 national bank notes are worth more than $500. Contact us and we can tell you if you have a rare 1929 ten dollar bill.

There are lots of low serial number 1929 national bank notes. Having a serial number that is anything other than 1, does not add a premium. However, serial number one 1929 $10 bills are very collectible and carry premiums.

Series of 1929 ten dollar national bank notes come in two varieties. Collectors call these type 1 and type 2 varieties. The pictures below show the differences. Type 1 1929 $10 national bank notes have a serial number that ends with the letter A. Type 2 1929 $10 national bank notes have a serial number that ends with a number. The charter number is also printed in brown ink twice on type 2 1929 $10 bills.

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type 1 above

type 2