1929 $10 Federal Reserve Bank Note from New York

Value of 1929 $10 Bill from The Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Series of 1929 $10 bills from New York are very common. If you have a ten dollar bill from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in lightly circulated condition it will be worth around $20. Notes in perfect condition with no folds will be worth more.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York printed 5,556,000 regular issue $10 bills. New York has over 100 $10 star notes known to exist from it, making it a common district even for star notes. A star note has a serial number that ends with a star symbol instead of the letter A.

All Federal Reserve bank note denominations started at serial 00000001, so low serial number $10 notes are available from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Notes with six or more leading zeros do command a premium.

All 1929 ten dollar bills from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York will have a serial number that starts with the letter B. Each $10 bill will have four black “B”s stamped on it. This B signifies that the note is from the New York district. All 1929 bills are signed by EE Jones as the register of the treasury and WO Woods as the treasurer of the United States. Ten dollar notes from New York are also signed by a deputy governor and the governor. Alexander Hamilton is featured on all $10 Federal Reserve bank notes. The words cashier and president are either partially or completely blacked out on 1929 $10 bills from New York.

You can find the following inscriptions on $10 bills from New York: National Currency – Secured By United States Bonds Deposited With The Treasurer Of The United States Of America Or By Like Deposit Of Other Securities – Will Pay To Bearer On Demand Ten Dollars – Redeemable In Lawful Money Of The United States, At United States Treasury Or At The Bank Of Issue – Amer Septent Sigil Thesaur – Series of 1929 – Ten Dollars – U.S. Treasury

We buy 1929 ten dollar Federal Reserve Bank Notes from New York if they are star notes, have a low serial number, or are part of a consecutive run.  We do not purchase average condition 1929 New York ten dollar bills.  If you have a rare 1929 $10 bill from New York then please send us an email to admin@localhost/wordpress and we would be happy to share our opinion of the note.