Value of 1929 $10 Federal Reserve Bank National Currency

1929 Ten Dollar Bills from Federal Reserve Banks – Values and Pricing

Series of 1929 $10 Federal Reserve Bank Notes were issued by all twelve districts. They were issued by:

BostonNYCPhillyCleveland RichmondATLChicagoSTLMinneapolisKCDallasSF

As with all 1929 Federal Reserve Bank notes, you should look for serial numbers that end with a star symbol instead of the letter A. Serial numbers that have six or seven leading zeros also carry a premium. Most non-star, non-low serial number 1929 $10 bills are extremely common. Non-star standard serial number 1929 $10 bills sell for about $20 in average condition. 1929 $10 bills that are brand new and have never been folded could be worth closer to $100 or more.

The design of series of 1929 $10 bills is fairly consist besides the federal reserve bank names, cashier, deputy governor, and governor signature changes.

Select the city above or the picture below that corresponds to your series of 1929 $20 bill.


1929 $10 Bill from Boston

1929 $10 Bill from New York

1929 $10 Bill from Philadelphia

1929 $10 Bill from Cleveland

1929 $10 Bill from Richmond

1929 $10 Bill from Atlanta

1929 $10 Bill from Chicago1929 $10 Bill from St. Louis

1929 $10 Bill from Minneapolis

1929 $10 Bill from Kansas City

1929 $10 Bill from Dallas

1929 $10 Bill from San Francisco