Value of 1929 One Hundred Dollar Bill | 1929 $100 Bill

1929 $100 Bill



1929 One Hundred Dollar Bill




There are two different kinds of 1929 $100 bills.  One type of 1929 $100 bill is the Federal Reserve Bank Note.  These 1929 one hundred dollar bills will generally not be worth more than a few dollars over face value due to their large printing numbers. 1929 $100 bills that are Federal Reserve Bank Notes will say Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Cleveland, Richmond, Chicago, Minneapolis, Kansas City, or Dallas.  If one of these 1929 $100 bills has a star symbol in the serial number it will be worth much more than a few dollars over face value.


The other kind of 1929 one hundred dollar bill is the 1929 national bank note.  The 1929 national banknotes can be worth a few dollars over face value to several hundred dollars.  The value all depends on which bank issued the notes.  These 1929 $100 bills will say National Bank somewhere in the title on the left hand side of the note.



Each 1929 one hundred dollar bill has Benjamin Franklin in the center.  There is no simple answer to the question how much is a 1929 $100 bill worth; we encourage you to contact us to find out what the exact value is.  If you are looking to sell we can also offer our best price for your 1929 $100 bill.