1929 Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Georgia Five Dollar Bill Star Note

1929 Five Dollar Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta – Values and Pricing

Regular issue 1929 five dollar bills from The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Georgia are very common. A 1929 five dollar note in average condition from Atlanta can be bought for less than $20. We normally think of notes from the South as being rare; however, this assumption doesn’t apply to The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

1929 five dollar star notes from The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta are also fairly common. There are currently more than thirty star notes recorded for the five dollar denomination for Atlanta. Low serial number non-star notes are known to exist for The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

The black Fs on the each 1929 five dollar bill from Atlanta can be found on any Federal Reserve Bank Note from Atlanta. The F signifies that Atlanta is the sixth bank in the Federal Reserve banking system. All 1929 five dollar bills have a brown seal and brown ink serial numbers. Abraham Lincoln is also featured at the center of the bill.

As with any Federal Reserve Bank Note, having a serial number with six or seven leading zeros will also add a premium. If your note happens to be choice uncirculated with no folds then it will also carry a premium.

We are looking to purchase 1929 five dollar Federal Reserve Bank Notes from Atlanta if they are star notes, have a low serial number, or are part of a consecutive run. We do not purchase average condition 1929 Atlanta five dollar bills. If you have a valuable 1929 five dollar from Atlanta then please send us an email to: admin@oldcurrencyvalues.com