How Much Is a 1934A $1,000 Bill Worth?

How Much Is a 1934A $1,000 Bill Worth?

As with any high denomination note, the value of a 1934A $1000 bill is based on issuing district, star note designation, condition, serial number, and seal color.  The information below gives rarity information.  Please contact us for exact values.



Number of 1934A $1,000 Bills Printed

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1934A $1,000 Bill Issuing Districts:  1934A one thousand dollar bills were issued by all twelve Federal Reserve banks except for Dallas.  The issuing bank is always a factor when trying to determine value.  The issuing bank can most easily be determined by looking at the black seal on the front left hand side of the note. The Federal Reserve Bank will be listed inside the seal.  In most cases circulated notes from the different districts should be worth similar amounts.  However, there are some differences when dealing with high grade gem notes.

1934A $1,000 Bill Star Notes:  Even if you are new to currency, you are likely still aware that a star symbol in the serial number of a note can be very important.  In the case of 1934A one thousand dollar bills, star notes are rare.  A star symbol at the end of a note’s eight digit serial number can be the difference between the note being worth $1,200 and $5,200.  Very few star notes are known to exist from the 1934A series.  Certainly contact us if you have a star note.

1934A $1,000 Bill Condition:  Most high denomination notes were not used in everyday commerce so they tend to be available in high grades.  Any time you are dealing with collectible currency, problems like tears, stains, rust, missing pieces, and other undesirable ailments can negatively affect the value considerably.  For more about condition, see the grading page here.

1934A $1,000 Bill Serial Number:  As with all collectible currency, an interesting serial number can make a note valuable even if it is otherwise common.  A low digit serial number (two numbers or less, 000000##) would add a premium to a 1934A one thousand dollar bill.

1934A $1,000 Bill Seal Color:  Unlike 1928 and 1934 $1000 bills, the 1934A notes come in only one seal color.

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