Series of 1934A $20 Bill Value

Value of Twenty Dollar Bill from the Series of 1934A

Series of 1934A twenty dollar bills with a green seal are common. Many 1934A $20 bills are still in circulation today. Any 1934A twenty dollar bill that isn’t in perfect condition is only worth $20 (face value).

***Please do not call about your 1934A $20 bill unless the serial number ends with a star symbol***

Twenty dollar bills from 1934A with a star symbol at the end of the serial number have a chance to be worth $50 or more. 1934A $20 star notes were printed for all twelve districts. The exact value of 1934A star notes purely depends on condition and the serial number. Contact us for more pricing information.

Remember that the series letter refers to the letter listed after or below 1934 as seen below. It has nothing to do with the letter that begins or ends the serial number.



Series of 1934A green seal twenty dollar bills were signed by W.A. Julian as the Treasurer of The United States and by Henry Morgenthau Jr. as the Secretary of the Treasury.

As with most $20 bills the series of 1934A twenty dollar bill has a picture of Andrew Jackson on the front and The White House on the back of it.  All series of 1934A $20 bills were printed in Washington DC.

Series of 1934A $20 bills with a green seal are called Federal Reserve Notes.  As such they have the following nomenclature on them:  “This Note Is Legal Tender For All Debts, Public And Private, And Is Redeemable In Lawful Money At The United States Treasury, Or At Any Federal Reserve Bank.” And “Federal Reserve Note The United States Of America Will Pay To The Bearer On Demand Twenty Dollars” – “The United States of America Twenty Dollars”  And keep in mind that nothing from 1934 will ever say “In God We Trust”.

We are interested in purchasing runs of uncirculated series of 1934A $20 notes.  We are also buying 1934A twenty dollar star notes.  If you have something you think we would be interested in then please send us an email and tell us about it