Series of 1934B $5 Silver Certificate Star Note – Values and Pricing

1934B Five Dollar Silver Certificate Star Note – Values and Pricing

1934B $5 star note silver certificates come in two different varieties.  There are mules and non-mules.  The non-mules are more commonly found.  In circulated grades 1934B $5 star notes trade for about $50.  Uncirculated 1934B five dollar star notes are more valuable and should be worth more than $500.

Mule 1934B star notes are very rare.  If you need help identifying whether or not your note is a mule then send us a high resolution scan of the front and back of the bill.  A 1934B mule will have the number 637 written very small on the back of the note.

As with all 1934B $5 silver certificates, 1934B $5 star notes also feature Abraham Lincoln.  They were printed in Washington DC.  The design elements are also the same.  Each star note has a blue seal on the right hand side of the bill.  The serial number starts with a star symbol, has eight numbers, and then ends with the letter A.  The serial number is also in blue ink.

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