Series of 1934 $5 Hawaii Federal Reserve Note – Values and Pricing

Series of 1934 $5 Hawaii Federal Reserve Note – Values and Pricing

Five dollar Hawaii notes can be either series of 1934 or series of 1934A.  Here we are discussing the series of 1934.  As you might be able to guess, the series of 1934 five dollar Hawaii notes were printed before the series of 1934A notes.

Unlike the one dollar denominations, series of 1934 $5 Hawaii notes are printed as federal reserve notes for the San Francisco district.  All Hawaii notes from the San Francisco bank are considered their own subset of currency; we call these emergency notes.

Series of 1934 $5 Hawaii notes sell for around $50 in a circulated grade.  However, if uncirculated, 1934 five dollar Hawaii notes will bring more than that, usually at least $300.  We don’t know the exact serial number range for 1934 $5 Hawaii notes, but is likely between L12400400A and L13162000A.

Star notes were also printed for the five dollar denomination.  You can learn about $5 Hawaii star notes here.

We are aggressive buyers of all higher grade series of 1934 $5 Hawaii federal reserve notes.  We are especially interested in choice uncirculated or better examples, consecutive runs, and star notes.  Please contact us and tell us what you have.