Series of 1935A $1 Hawaii Silver Certificate – Values and Pricing

Series of 1935A $1 Hawaii Silver Certificate – Values and Pricing

The series of 1935A $1 Hawaii silver certificate in its simplest form sells for around $15. In today’s market even a choice uncirculated $1 Hawaii note sells for around $120. However, there are many varieties to the 1935A one dollar Hawaii notes that many astute collectors care about.

The biggest concern is block varieties. A “block” refers to the letter prefix and suffix that encapsulates the eight digit serial number. So a 1935A $1 Hawaii silver certificate with the serial number S34991127C would be from the SC block. In reality, most circulated one dollar Hawaii notes are going to sell for the same price, no matter what block they are from. However, that changes when Hawaii notes get into the choice and gem uncirculated grades.

The most commonly encountered 1935A $1 Hawaii notes are from SC block. The next tier of blocks are the LC, PC, CC, and YB blocks. These will carry a slight premium in choice uncirculated grades. However, the real tough blocks are the ZB and AC blocks. Only one million $1 Hawaii notes from each of those blocks were printed, and there just aren’t too many in high grades.

Series of 1935A $1 Hawaii silver certificates tend to come on dark paper. Even choice uncirculated notes can appear darker than normal. That is standard for the series. One dollar Hawaii notes were also saved fairly heavily. It is not uncommon to have large runs of uncirculated notes. In fact there are several fully intact packs of 100 $1 Hawaii notes out there. Consecutive notes tend to carry a small premium. Centering sometimes tends to be an issue with $1 Hawaii notes. The top to bottom centering tends to be good, but the left to right margins are often skewed.

Like every Hawaii note, the one dollar denomination also printed star notes. You can read more about 1935A $1 Hawaii star notes here.

We are aggressive buyers of all higher grade series of 1935A $1 Hawaii notes. We are especially interested in choice uncirculated or better examples, consecutive runs, and star notes. Please contact us and tell us what you have.