Upside Down Flag On The Back Of 1950 $10 Bills

Upside Down Flag On The Back Of 1950 Currency

Once a week we get asked about the 1950 upside down flag theory.  Simply put, somewhere along the way someone noticed that the flag on the back of the bill is upside down.  We most frequently hear it related to the ten dollar bill, but sometimes the twenty dollar bill is also implicated.

Let us put this rumor to rest.  It doesn’t matter whether or not the flag on the back of a series of 1950 bill appears upside down.  This is not considered an error and in no way does it command a premium.

It takes a team of eight engravers hundreds of man hours to engrave a plate used for printing currency.  There is no rogue engraver out there inverting American flags.  Whether the flag on the back of 1950 does or doesn’t appear upside down is all in the eye of the beholder.  The fact of the matter is that the flag looks the way it is supposed to look.

So spread the message and please do not call asking about an upside flag on 1950 or any other bills.  It is not a recognized error and it never will be.  All currency from 1950 is only worth face value.  Spend it, and save both of us some time and frustration.